A London Election Voting Experiment

The London Mayoral elections present an opportunity for the people of London to influence the governance of one of the largest cities in the world.

This election, postponed from 2020, takes place in a context of large uncertainty due to a global pandemic that has left the city in a very different state than it has ever been in before. 

You will be the trailblazers in a new era of citizen based democracy.

We are inviting 100 Londoners to share their thoughts along with each of the electoral candidates and we will publish the results on election day.

This voting experiment uses new ID technology and Quadratic voting mechanisms to experiment with the way that people can share their opinions and reach consensus on the importance of issues.

This is a radically new kind of voting and it is so far unclear how this changes the way we can express our opinions. This experiment and others like it in the future are designed to explore how quadratic voting and decentralised voting tools will improve our collective decision making.

Apply for a Voting ID

We are inviting 100 Londoners to take part in our voting experiment on 6th May 2021, Election Day.


If selected you will receive a special LDN voting ID, a one of a kind NFT that will commemorate your contribution to this experiment and allow you to take part. 


Get your Voting ID

In order to receive an ID you will need to complete the following form and be willing to have one of our team members validate that you are a London resident.

Voting Window

You must be willing to vote on Tuesday 4th May, between the hours of 9am to 8pm. Failure to do so will remove you from the dataset and the opportunity will be given to another voter.

Set up Metamask (Ethereum wallet)

The vote uses blockchain technology and you'll need a desktop browser and either an existing ethereum address, or the willingness to set one up.

That might sound complicated but it’s a piece of cake. There’s a 1 minute video guide right here:

We will collect no personally identifiable information from you, and your votes will remain pseudo anonymous (as a voter ID number) on the application and in subsequent publications. 

TL;DR - Watch the video


How to Vote on influence.vote

The Issues

You will be presented with a list of policy topics or “semantic tags” that has been drawn qualitatively from the candidate manifestos as a whole. (We’ve left out some of the weirder stuff.)

#Lockdown  #Policing&Crime  #Education #Immigration  #Economy  #Culture  #Transport #Healthcare  #FreedomofSpeech  #ClimateChange #Equality  #Housing  #Europe

The Ballot


The Opinion Feed


What is influence.vote

influence.vote is a new voting technology that uses blockchain technology to ensure that only validated participants can vote.


It utilises quadratic voting, a new kind of voting system that allows people to weight issues by relative importance.


The voting system creates a weighted list of issues by consensus.

What is Quadratic Voting

Quadratic Voting is a new kind of voting system that allows voters to vote more than once on an issue or series of issues.

Rather than a one person, one vote system, in QV a voter has a budget of “voice credits”, we call this budget “influence”. 

Each subsequent vote, costs the square of the vote, making it exponentially costly to amplify your opinion on any one issue.

How We’ll Publish the Results

The results of the vote from the Londoners and candidates who choose to participate will be presented in a special digital magazine on Election Day.

We will also generate a consensus result and share all data and insights from the experiment as publicly as possible on the influence.vote website.

finance.vote and its applications are not affiliated with any governmental bodies or electoral candidates.