The Future of Voting is an open source decentralised decision making tool. Using Quadratic Voting and NFTs as a voter ID system this dApp aims to generate discourse and explore new methodologies for social coordination and consensus formation.


Part of the dApp suite, is being built to facilitate decentralised governance processes, in particular in DeFi but with many future applications


The Governance dApp Suite

These dApps will be the toolset for the DAOs of the future. They are designed to facilitate social consensus formation across a range of use cases, from price discovery and monetary policy formation to content curation and governance. 


These applications will form the foundation of a decentralised decision making and will upgrade the governance capabilities of the whole DeFi space as a whole. Together they form a modular DAO architecture that projects will be able to integrate to their needs and modify in collaboration with the token holders.

COMING APRIL 2021 is the lead application of our “second layer governance” suite that is designed to allow distributed groups of people to reach consensus on the internet.


It uses quadratic voting to promote the curation of ideas, through voting on semantic tags and dialogue capture.

COMING Q3 2021 is where important final decisions are made in a hyper secure, high-stakes environment. 


This is where rough consensus becomes real, and quadratic voting becomes binary decision making.

Coming Q3 2021 extends beyond rough consensus to promote the generation of crowd created proposals of work.


Here people will decide what is important, what should be worked on and what should be funded.

COMING Q4 2021 is an “ask me anything” platform.  It uses quadratic voting to sort a list of crowd curated questions, filtering and rewarding the best.


This platform allows individuals, or teams, to have conversations with thousands of people.

The Launch Team


Dr. Nick Almond

Founder and Protocol Leader

Nick is a physicist by background, spending 10 years studying and working in experimental physics, culminating in a doctorate in biophysics and surface science. After a stint at an astrophysics research institute he took a lectureship position teaching mathematics and cryptography, which is where he discovered Bitcoin.


Over a seven year period Nick transitioned into a range of academic senior leadership positions and took a disciplinary detour into education, learning theory and governance research.

His academic career concluded with a role as an associate dean at the London College of Fashion, where he taught courses on emerging technologies and designed approaches for technology enhanced teaching practice.


His passion is in blockchain technology and he believes that the ability to organise at scale using voting technologies will revolutionize the way that we live, work and learn in the future.


Chris Smith

Blockchain Architect

Christopher is an established crypto innovator.
He has spent many years as the co-founder and CTO of crypto projects including Lunyr and BitMesh. Christopher has also developed algorithms for IOT and deep learning applications. He was a PhD candidate in Mathematics and Computer Science and holds an M.S. and B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science respectively.


Naomi Dara Harris

Brand & Product Creator

Naomi has been an early contributor in the blockchain & crypto space since 2015, defining & launching successful brands & projects, creating accessible products to drive adoption of crypto ventures.  An integrated designer of over 12 years, Naomi has worked with global brands in many industries including fintech, healthtech, education, and renewable energy, building functional and business-driven branding, marketing and products.



Louis Chang

Chief Creative Advisor

Louis is a creative, he honed his skills over 12 years, working for some of the largest creative agencies in the world including Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy and JWT. He discovered Bitcoin in 2012 and in 2013 Founded Proof of Work, the worlds first crypto digital agency. PoW developed creative solutions for many large projects including Ethereum, MakerDAO & Cardano. During this time was also an organizer of Coinscrum, the then biggest Crypto meetup in the world. His role as an advisor at Finance.Vote consists of Digital Shoulder massages, Pep talks and the occasional Wisdom grenade… occasionally.


Nicholas Gregory

Chief Technical Advisor

Nicholas is a cryptocurrencies Entrepreneur, Software Engineer and has been involved with bitcoin since 2012.  Providing start-up support, Nicholas co-authored BIP175 of the bitcoin specification and has been instrumental in designing bitcoin protocols such as MainStay and Layer 2 Solutions.  Today Nicholas is CEO of CommerceBlock and has been quoted in many major publications regarding cryptocurrencies and advisory work for government trade bodies. 



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